At Olympus Containers, we know the importance of keeping your belongings protected and secure. Our storage containers are made of solid steel and built to withstand the worst weather Northwest Washington has to offer. When the winds are blowing and the rain pounding down, you can sleep easy at night knowing your belongings are safe and dry inside an Olympus Container.


  • Sturdy steel construction that is secure, weather-proof, and vermin-proof.
  • Lock box included to keep your belongings safe
  • Painted in clean white or subtle gray to blend in with your property
  • Keeps your belongings clean and dry
  • More convenient than a traditional storage unit (and less expensive!)


  • Portable tool storage and office perfect for contractors
  • Store your furniture and appliances during a home renovation or spring cleaning
  • Protect your gardening supplies from the elements
  • House your seasonal gear during the off-season—skis, kayaks, snow-blowers, outboard motors, etc.
  • Our 6’, 8’, and 10’ containers make a perfect garage for dirt bikes, lawn mowers, and quads
  • Anything you can imagine!

Whatever your storage needs are, you can trust Olympus Containers to take care of you. Our affordable rates and no-contract policy fit your budget and unpredictable life schedule perfectly. Contact us today to ask about rates.